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Small Is The New Big

Church as we know it in the West isn’t working; I don’t mean people don’t enjoy themselves (as that seems to be the main directive), some do. What I am talking about is our prime directive to go into all … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Live Forever In Heaven

Across the world Christians dream, sing and talk about the promise of an eternity in heaven with Jesus. But, is that even in the Bible, or is it a historical confusion that is far removed from what God has actually … Continue reading

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Call The Priest!

Whilst there is no precedence in the New Testament for a clergy laity divide, and absolutely nothing about a separate New Testament priesthood to rule over God’s people, you still need to call the Priest. You don’t need just any … Continue reading

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Israel’s Temple Has Been Rebuilt!

There is much conjecture as to how and when we will witness the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. The thing is we are about 2,000 years too late; God has fully rebuilt the temple and it has become a … Continue reading

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Has God Really Put Men In Charge of Women? What is it about the Church and Women? Part 5

“The woman has to submit to the authority of the man because the man was made first. Not only is this the order of creation in Genesis, but the Apostle Paul spells it out for us in black and white. … Continue reading

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What’s Our Problem With Women? Part 3

Entire denominations and countless local churches oppress and demean women. In too many christian households wives and daughters are made to feel second best because of poor translations and a lazy understanding of Scripture. It is time for the truth to come out! … Continue reading

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What did Jesus mean when He said ‘church’?

Jesus didn’t speak much of the church in the Gospels but when He did, He said He would build it and it would have authority over the resistance of hell as well as the ability to self govern. Over the … Continue reading

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