About ‘Got By Grace’

Hi and thanks for visiting.

My name is Mark Neale, and even though I have been preaching, travelling and seeing God do some wonderful things, I was finally arrested by His amazing grace just a few years ago. I guess you could say that I am a recovering Pharisee, an ex church addict who did his utmost to convert and conform as many as he could not only to follow Jesus but to his particular brand of churchianity.

Now I am a man on a different kind of mission; I don’t want to convert you to my style of Christianity (whatever that means), I have no desire to have you join my church, I simply want you to experience God’s outrageous grace. It is my opinion that the church by and large has missed the enormity of what Jesus achieved through His death and resurrection, which has led to us living out a peculiar mix of legalism, guilt and uncertainty. Instead Jesus desires for us to be confident and robust believers who can shine as lights in a dark sky wherever we find our selves; secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens in life we can never ever be alone.

I hope that my blog and messages will help you to enter more fully into the freedom that belongs to all those who are in union with Jesus Christ.

Every blessing,



2 Responses to About ‘Got By Grace’

  1. Tyna says:

    Hi,Br.Mark!I would like to thank you for the series of articles about women’s in church.I was always wondering why women were so much discriminated even in best Christian churches and I always considered “the rule over women”as a part of God’s curse that should somehow be abolished.I’m happy that such thoughts came from a man not a woman,it gives hope for changes for better in the situation.Be blessed,brother!

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