Give Up!

There is absolutely no point in making any effort to appease God for your sins. The simple fact is you don’t have the right currency and you can’t afford it. The demands for sin are so far out of our league that it is ridiculous to even attempt to satisfy God’s displeasure at our sin. The Scripture is clear, the wages of sin is death, and that bill can only be satisfied with blood. Yet people continue their sensless toil in an attempt to appease God day in and day out.

 I hear ministers telling people to attend their church so that God will bless them; or perhaps to give an offering or even to serve more in the church. Other churches say that prayers must be repeated, forgiveness sought and special measures must be applied to a person’s life so that God will forgive them.

 The whole thing is a monumental waste of time!

Bring on the sacrifice

In the Old Testament God instituted His law, and with it He told Israel of the sacrifices He demanded. Why sacrifices? Because Yahweh knew that no one was going to keep the law; the sacrifice of innocent animals was to cover the people’s sin until they were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.

 God didn’t consider the sinner

When an animal was brought to the priest for sacrifice there were strict conditions for what kind it was as well as its age and condition. Why was this? Because God was going to accept the sacrifice in the place of the guilty people. The priest would examine the sacrifice and not the sinner, which is what we so easily forget. God knew the people would sin, and then sin again; to remedy this He gave the people a system where the sacrifices could be repeated over and over. In doing this, the punishment for sin could fall on the sacrifice and not the people.

All the sacrifices pointed to Jesus

Jesus is the fulfilment of all Israel’s sacrifices, they all pointed to Him, they were the shadow, He is the substance. Jesus is our scapegoat, our Passover Lamb, our sin offering, our substitute. Jesus is the heavenly fulfilment of the earthly symbols. The animal sacrifices could never really set someone free, freedom was bought and paid for by Jesus.

 He has paid it all

Jesus came to die for the ungodly and in so doing pay for the sins of the world. The Bible tells us that on the cross God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. As we study the New Testament we soon realise that Jesus has done it all, in fact His work is so powerful and so complete, that to look to anything else to appease God is at best disobedience and unbelief. At worst it is a surrender to the spirit of antichrist!

 Give up, you can’t do it

Whatever your crimes against God, there’s nothing you can do to make amends. We were all born in sin, we all died just as Adam did at the tree. Because of sin we became afraid of God and tried to live independently of Him, even being so foolish as to think that we could make peace with God through our religion or behaviour. No way! That is never going to happen. But because of His great love, God paid the price for us. God is no longer looking at us to judge our sins, He has already looked at Jesus and judged our sins – we are free!

 Honour God

Trusting in the finished work of Jesus to have dealt with our sins once and for all is the most respectful thing we can do for God. At Calvary Jesus paid for our sins, past, present and future. He destroyed sins ability to separate us from God, He made a way for us to be brought back to life and declared righteous. All this is yours and mine, not by keeping a religious code, but by trust in what has been done for us. God the Father has personally declared each of us who believe as righteous in His sight. Because of Jesus we are adopted as children of God, born as children of God, proposed to as the bride of God. It is AWESOME!

 Relax, He’s done it

As you focus on the truth of your forgiveness, the Holy Spirit will lead you on a journey that will take you into greater and greater freedom from the burden and slavery of sin. And, when you fail, you can run to Him and not from Him, because the price is already paid. When we sin God examines the work of Jesus and not our ability to make amends. Now that is Good News.

Go well my friends 🙂


About Mark Neale

Husband to Sandra, dad, grandpa, Christian educator, and a John Maxwell Team Member.
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  1. mybroom says:

    Hey Mark you nailed it… great blog… life giving stuff. G

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