What’s Our Problem With Women? Part 2

Do you really think that she is inferior?

 It is staggering how over the centuries Christians have managed to promote so-called doctrine that flies in the face of both Jesus and the Scripture. There is no better, or worse, example of this than the churches diabolical treatment of women. To this day women have been ignored, abused, belittled and demeaned, all in the name of so-called biblical teaching.

What Does The Bible Say About Women?

The Bible gives woman equality, its texts stand up for them and Jesus was not ashamed to be seen with and minister to the women he met.

In Whose Image Are Women Made?

According to the Bible women are made in the image of God; think about that, women are made in God’s image. That means we can learn something of God’s nature and character by looking at women. God is not a male who made the women as a somewhat inferior afterthought; on the contrary, she was made as the pinnacle of His creation and was chosen to bear His image in the world. The truth is both men and women are actually Godlike, but we seem to struggle with God having a female part to His nature.

Wasn’t the woman made to be the man’s helper?

What a lovely image of domestication and submission; Adam out working hard on taking dominion and Eve at home ironing the fig-leaves and picking the dinner. The problem with this ideal is the Hebrew word we translate as helper; the word ‘ezer’ appears in several other places through the Old Testament, and any guesses for who it describes in the majority of the other cases? Yup! It’s Yahweh, God Himself, He is our helper, He is the one who comes along side and aids us. In the same way the woman is Godlike; according to Yahweh it was not good for man to be alone so He gave Him a helper who was suited to him. By the way the Bible word for suitable means ‘the same but different’; literally ‘like opposite him’. It is easy to see that at the creation there was no inferring that the woman was in anyway inferior.

Wasn’t it the womans sin that caused all the suffering in the world?

That is what we have been led to believe; it is amazing how expert we can become on a subject even if we have never studied it. A couple of pointers here: When satan tempted and said “you will be like God”, the word you is plural. In other words he was addressing both the man and the woman, and the woman was deceived. But where was the man while all this was happening? Check the text, he was right there with her, and what is worse he wasn’t deceived. He could have said “no way baby”, tied satan up like a party balloon and hurled him out the garden. But he didn’t, he went on and committed treason against his rightful King and dragged all of humanity into the mess we are in today. 

You can help bring change now!

Over the next few blogs I will deal with the so-called ‘problem texts’ head on. In the mean time can I urge you, whether you are a man or a woman to open your heart and ask God to show you what He really feels about His daughters, ask to see them through Jesus’ eyes. If we could all do this it would tip the old prejudice overboard and usher in a new season of grace and agreement, which in my opinion would transport us all to a new place of increased growth and power.

Go well my friends 🙂  


About Mark Neale

Husband to Sandra, dad, grandpa, Christian educator, and a John Maxwell Team Member.
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2 Responses to What’s Our Problem With Women? Part 2

  1. mybroom says:

    I just noticed your gravatar and mine both depict our wives leaning on us, what a great image of our God given partnership with them. There is no way I am superior to mine, she runs rings around me on most levels, yet she also leans on me. cheers friend, Graeme

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