Those who know the truth speak the truth…

…those who don’t, quote the Bible.

Ouch, what is all that about? First off I have credit this as quote, but I don’t know who from, but when I heard it I knew I had to blog about it.

I am concerned that some people might be sharpening their knives already but before they start being thrown let me throw this into the mix. Jesus said that there is no truth in Satan, in fact Jesus called him the father of lies and yet Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus in an attempt to make Jesus sin against His Heavenly Father by pursuing His desires over the Fathers will.

This has huge implications; God’s Word is truth, it is inerrant and yet it can be used by the enemy for his purposes. Personally I think we would be wise to investigate how this works so that we don’t find ourselves unwittingly working against the will of God and justifying it with Scripture.

Jesus said to Pontius Pilate that those who are of the truth (love the truth) will hear His voice; this is both good and bad news. To me this says that if I don’t have a desire to hear God’s truth through all the noise in my head and the confusion that surrounds me then even if Jesus Himself were to come and speak the truth I would miss it. If I have a love for the truth then I will hear Jesus speaking through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit will mould my life into that which God desires, but…

This is the rough bit; if I desire my own desires above God’s will then I will use Scripture to justify my actions, beliefs and results. I will be guilty of using the truth to support my lie, just as Satan did when he tempted the Lord Jesus. Do you think it is possible that we have done this? Absolutely, the church is rife with proof texts for man made rules that have been keeping the church from fruitfulness for years. Woman have been told for generations that cannot speak when the church meets and that they must accept abuse from their church going husbands; we have had divorcees being told they cannot marry even though Jesus has forgiven them. What about the whole pastor thing or the fact that you can measure your spirituality by how often you attend services; don’t get me going about services…

Even more alarming than the examples I have just given is the fact that I can create my own fake truths (lies) and have them personalised to me. I can ignore my wife’s needs and justify it because she hasn’t been performing as I desire, I can ignore the poor and say that they don’t work so they won’t eat, I can read my Bible and then look down on someone who hasn’t read and consider myself blessed through my obedience… sickening isn’t it.

When we start to think this way Jesus words in Matthew seven start to make sense, “Many shall come on that day and say Lord, Lord and I will say to them… I never you knew you”. You see Jesus is the truth, He is full of truth and to reject truth is to reject Him no matter how much Bible we know. But this isn’t all bad because the Bible says that Jesus came filled with “grace and truth”, this means if we embrace Him as the truth we also receive His grace.

No matter how ugly the truth reveals us to be His grace won’t reject us; in fact the more sinful I realise I am in my old nature the more righteous His grace can declare me to be. The good news is that we don’t have to fear the truth because grace is there to save us; we can face our selfish ambition and twisted desires in the full knowledge that God accepts us. We can can admit that we use Scripture for our own ends and instead of condemnation we will receive liberation; liberated from our own evil desires and selfish motives, free to be who He made us to be.

Of course this is a process, non of us are yet perfect but hopefully we can start to see that the truth really does set us free.

Blessings šŸ™‚


About Mark Neale

Husband to Sandra, dad, grandpa, Christian educator, and a John Maxwell Team Member.
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